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House Details

Le Sable Rose is very nice, simple, remote rental house right on the beach. You can't beat it for location, seclusion, and view. Below is a 360 degree panoramic view from the house.

Exterior panoramic of view of le Sable Rose

You can click on the photo for a larger version (158k). Next to the house is the wreck of a sailboat that washed up on the beach after a storm. I stood on top of the boat to take the photos. The white triangle sticking up into the photo is the boat's bow. Below is another view of the front of the house showing the front porch, and the private secluded beach.

Exterior of house and beach

Wrecked sailboat on beach
This is the wrecked sailboat on the beach beside the house. The story I heard is that the boat was brand new on its way to its new owners when it lost its mast in a storm and washed up on the beach. The story goes on to say that the le Sable Rose owner is thinking of converting it into extra bedrooms for the house. The inside though is a real mess. It would need a lot of work. Most of the fittings and anything of any value has been stripped off the hull by earlier scavanger hunters.

Road to Sable RoseGetting to the house is part of the adventure. From the main road it's about a 3 1/2 mile drive. The road starts out paved, turns into broken pavement and rock, and then transitions into dirt for the last mile or so. It may sound bad, but it's not a problem. I might recommend renting a jeep if you stay here, not for the 4 wheel drive but for the higher ground clearance. It's also useful on most of the other back roads in Eleuthera if you go exploring off the beaten track. The photo to the right is the last 1/2 mile or so just before the house. The other photo shows your arrival at the house. The road continues about 50 feet beyond the house and then dead ends (as of April 2006).

Arriving at le Sable Rose

Facilities: The house is basically a one-room efficiency with a full bathroom (sink, john, and jacuzzi tub/shower). There was a sleeping area, kitchen/dining area and living room. The kitchen had a refrigerator, electric stove, sink, microwave oven, blender, toaster, coffee maker. Three walls of the house were sliding glass doors providing a great view of the ocean and beach outside. There's also an outside shower nozzle. Below are two ~180 degree panoramic views of the inside of the house, one of the back wall and one of the front wall.

Interior view of house
Interior view of house

Below is the view you get while laying in bed. All you have to do is prop yourself
up on your elbows for a great ocean view.

View from bed

Location: See the maps page for the location. Your nearest neighbor is another rental house (Ocean Breeze) about 1/2 mile away. The last 1.5 miles of the access road is a half-dirt, half-rocky, half-paved road that ends just past the house so there's basically no traffic driving by. We never saw anyone else on the beach by the house except for the first day when the couple from Ocean Breeze walked by.

More info: Click on the photo below for the official "le Sable Rose" website.

Getting to Eleuthera

There are several ways to get to Eleuthera via Miami, Nassau, or Fort Lauderdale. For a full dissertation on all the possibilities I'd recommend going to the following web page (Ways to get to Eleuthera).

For our two trips, we flew to Eleuthera via Fort Lauderdale (FLL). We had a free frequent flier ticket with Southwest and they only went to Fort Lauderdale. From there we used Twin Air (Twin Air website) for our first visit. They use 7-passenger twin engine prop planes and the flight takes about 1-1/4 hour. The second time we flew Lynx Air (Lynx Air website). Their plane was a little larger. Both airlines take you direct to Governor's Harbor airport which is large enough to have it's own immigration and custom's facilities.

Our Twin Air flight leaving Eleuthera.

Governor's Harbor airport, main airport bldgs on the right.





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